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Ways To Keep Your Dog Stimulated In Your Apartment In Fishers

August 11, 2021
A family walking with their dog at a park.

Apartment living can be an adjustment for your canine companions. A modern apartment floor plan helps, but your pooch needs to be engaged, or he might get curious and destroy things.

Outdoor exercise, engaging toys, and canine play dates can all keep your dog stimulated in an apartment in Fishers, so both you and your pooch have a great renting experience.

Wide open dog park at Fishers apartments.

Provide Your Dog With Plenty Of Outdoor Activity

It can be tough keeping a dog stimulated in your apartment in Fishers if your dog doesn’t have much space. Without regular exercise, your dog might look for other ways to use their spunkiness and could start chewing on shoes and other items. To help your pooch work off some of their energy, take them out to play at least two times a day. You can throw a ball at the dog park, go for a jog, explore new trails, or go strolling around your apartment community. You and your pet will both get the exercise you need!

If your work schedule doesn’t let you take your dog out as often as they need, find someone else who can. Pay a trusted or friend to exercise your dog every day or invest in a licensed dog walker or doggie daycare company. Many dogs love associating with other humans or dogs and the price will be worth it if the activity and company keeps your four-legged friend from becoming bored and destroying things.

Find The Right Toys To Keep Your Dog Stimulated In Your Apartment In Fishers

Your furry friend needs more than just lots of exercise. You can help keep your dog stimulated in your apartment in Fishers with fun toys too. Offer your pup different fun items that nurture curiosity, solving problems, and fun play.

Toys that have hidden treats challenge your dog in a fun way. Invest in a pet camera to observe, communicate with, and provide treats to your dog throughout the day! Toys that squeak, roll, or light up keep your dog intrigued. And chew toys will keep them happy throughout the day. Consider building an obstacle course in your living room to keep your pup moving while you’re away.

Dog park at Fishers apartments.

Plan Doggy Playdates

Social stimulation is important for your pet as well. You need to get out with other people, and so do most dogs. If your dog is confined to your apartment 24/7, they may not learn how to get along with other humans and dogs. Then they become the dog who jumps on people and barks at every passing thing.

Playdates with other dogs can put your dog in a good mood. Take them to visit friends and family with dogs or have them go to your apartment community’s dog park. Not only will your dog like be around fellow dogs, but it’s a wonderful way to chat with your neighbors also.

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