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5 Questions To Ask During An Apartment Tour In Fishers

May 28, 2020

Swimming pool at Fishers apartment.
Going on an apartment tour is a necessary step in deciding if that a particular community will work for you. But while you’re looking over the apartment floor plan and amenities on your Fishers apartment tour, it’s also a good time to ask your tour guide some in-depth questions. These questions work well to help you get a glimpse of the atmosphere and personal attention the community can provide. Remember that your apartment will be your home for a while, and it’s nice to know just what you’re signing up for. To begin, here are the five questions to ask during an apartment tour in Fishers.

What’s The Apartment’s Pet Policy? 

Pets in a pet friendly apartment 

Many complexes market themselves as pet-friendly apartments in Fishers, but that term can mean many different things. Some units have dog breed restrictions or limit how many pets can live in the unit. Certain pet policies prohibit small animals, like mice, hamsters, large birds, or reptiles. And all pet policies typically have a surcharge on rent for your pets -- and some may even charge a cleaning fee upon move out.

Inquiring about the pet policy is a no-brainer if you have a dog or cat, or you’re thinking of getting one soon. After all, your pet needs to be just as at home in the apartment as you are. However, it's also a good question to ask on an apartment tour if you don’t have a pet. That way, you know what animals you might cross paths with on a day-to-day basis. You may also want to ask what pet-friendly amenities complex offers -- like dog parks or provided waste disposal stations.

How Will I Pay Rent And Utilities?

20 years ago, rent was always paid by dropping off a check at the office. Now, there could be multiple ways to pay. Does the community have an app or can I use direct deposit? Can I put it on my credit card and acquire reward points for my rent payment? Some places may even allow you to pay through popular payment apps like Venmo or PayPal. Asking this question during an apartment tour can be critical if you are frequently out of town or want a more convenient way to pay rent.

Understanding how utilities work can also save you expensive mistakes later on. What utilities are included with rent? Can you incorporate utilities in my rent check? Are utilities, such as gas and water, determined by communal use or are they calculated by each individual apartment? Do I have a choice on the internet, phone, or cable providers, or do I have to use the same provider as everyone else in the community? These questions may seem simple, but sometimes the answers can surprise you.

What Amenities Are Available?

Swimming pool in a JC Hart community

Your Fishers apartment tour should also include a quick look. During your Fishers apartment tour you should also see the amenities and grounds. Even though a broad understanding of what’s available is helpful, you might like to ask more about the details of the complexes’ amenities.

If you’d like to exercise in the morning or at night due to your work schedule, be sure to ask about the hours of the exercise center -- and when it’s most often used. Parents may like to know what the policy is for kids to use the basketball court or pool. If you’d love an apartment that’s not only a place to sleep, but a community to fully enjoy, it’s vital to ask amenity questions on your apartment tour. The answers may be the deciding factor between two apartment complexes in Fishers.

What Happens If I Need Maintenance?

Bedroom door of an apartment

Before you’re done with your apartment tour, be sure that you ask about how they handle maintenance. Maintenance practices can vary between companies, from 24-hour emergency response to outside maintenance that needs to be reserved during normal business hours. Unforeseen problems do occur at times, but it’s how your community responds to your maintenance needs that can deeply influence how you feel about your apartment.

When asking about maintenance, don’t be afraid to be thorough. Does the apartment have emergency on-site maintenance, or can they only perform repairs during regular business hours? Who do I talk to when I have an emergency? Can I go online to fill out a maintenance request? And how will I be notified when they’re finished? It’s also a good idea to ask what work won’t be performed by maintenance, such as washer/dryer hookup or new shelving.

What Is The Parking Situation?

Parking lot at a JC Hart community

When you ask questions on your apartment tour in Fishers, remember to ask what you do with your car. Am I assigned a place to park, or is parking by my building open to all residents? Do I need a parking sticker or hang-tag for my vehicle, and what happens if my family has two or more vehicles? Does the community have individual garages or carports? And remember to inquire about the towing policy. You’d hate to to discover your dream apartment, but realize that you need to circle the block for an hour to snag a curbside space.

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